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New News!!!


Only a few days past the estimated deadline…I am super excited that two new galleries are up on the site.  The first gallery features all of the fluid acrylic pour paintings from the Putting On Like Pollack show that was featured at The Bistro in Aztec, NM from April through June 2018. The second gallery section contains the photos from the Homestead Heartland Homeland show that was featured in the few last remaining weeks before The Bistro closed.

Speaking of which, with The Bistro closing, I will need to expand into some new avenues for showing work.  One of the new ventures is submitting some work for various calls for entry.  Dragon Seahorse and Autumn Cottonwood have already been entered for a local international juried competition.  I keep asking myself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome to see my work featured in the Farmington Museum?!” The answer is yes. Yes, I do.  Not to mention building legit artist street cred is one of my goals this year!!!  For now, I am keeping my fingers crossed….If you run into me out and about, ask me for one of my new business cards.  They are SWEET!

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