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The Hope of the Season September Brings


August has been a hard month for Tracey Taylor Fine Art.  First, there was the closing of The Bistro.  Losing a great little gallery space has definitely had an effect on my production momentum. I just haven’t felt the urgency to go create something new.  With school starting, I shifted gears into teaching mode and stepped away from studio time and have been struggling to make my way back.  Then came the recent tragic news of the passing of Dale over at Aztec Media.  I am struggling with the loss of his guiding voice and encouragement. His absence is being felt deeply by many, and I am kicking myself for not getting my time management in order to see him before school started.

Have you ever heard that bad things always come in threes?  Well, the final blow August delivered came in the form of an email from the Farmington Museum show.  None of my submissions made the cuts and won’t be included in the show.  To say that I am bummed is kind of an understatement.

With a plan to visit home and my mom for Labor Day weekend, I jumped into the Jeep on Friday afternoon and began the 6 hour drive home.  I have been saying for a long time now that there is something healing about New Mexico.  This drive was no different.  Monsoon rains cooled the air and decorated the sky with fantastic clouds and lightning displays.  Somehow, the radio kept playing some of the most fantastic songs from my younger years, although all of that music is now considered vintage.  My friend Scott always reminds me how great the music from back then was, when we didn’t appreciate it as much as we do now.  I cranked up the volume and let the beat carry me down the highway home.

Somehow over the weekend I have discovered the season changing.  It simple feels like fall is here.  Chile season, apple season, cherry season and the feel of cooler breezes in the air.  I find myself hopeful with this change in the air.  The trip to home did my soul good.  Momma encouraged me that I might need a few Saturday day trips to northern New Mexico for research this month.  I find that idea to be taking root and growing and just might make my return to the studio easier.

Hope your September brings health, healing, and happiness….


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