Tracey Taylor Fine Art and Photography

There is an art to life....

Tracey Taylor is an artist, educator, and activist currently living and working in Aztec, New Mexico.

Born and raised in New Mexico, Tracey graduated from Western New Mexico University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a specialty teaching field in Fine Art.  Adding a Master’s Degree of Education in Curriculum & Instruction and a Master’s Certificate in Educational Leadership, Tracey has almost twenty years in the education field with licenses and experience in both Texas and New Mexico.  As a proponent for students and teachers, Tracey is an active participant in various local, regional, state, and national advocacy groups. To see some of Tracey’s artwork examples from her classroom, an upcoming section titled The Art of Teaching will be coming soon in the gallery.

Works on Canvas

In April 2018, Tracey debuted her first solo painting show titled “Putting On Like Pollack”.  The twenty canvases of varying sizes in the collection are based on the modern idea of mixed media fluid acrylic pour combined with the techniques used by Jackson Pollack.  The title was inspired by a familiar colloquialism used by Tracey’s mother and the way the paint is applied to the canvas.  Taking on an almost topographical or cut agate appearance at times, natural fractals and paint layers run through each canvas. Another collection in this style is in the planning stages, with Tracey looking forward to picking painting colors and seeing what comes alive in the studio. To see original works and high quality giclee reproductions of works from the “Putting On Like Pollack” show available for purchase, please Go Through the Gallery.  This collection is also available to the public on Tracey’s artist page on Facebook @TraceyTaylorFineArt.


In the summer of 2018, riding the coat tails of the “Putting On Like Pollack” show, Tracey debuted a solo photography show titled “Homestead Heartland Homeland.”  Fifteen framed photos went on display, the images having been captured in just the days and weeks before the show.  The idea for a collection of this type planted itself almost two years earlier, and was inspired by family, farm life, and hometown stories.  The majority of the shoot took course over one day during a trip to Oklahoma for a family reunion in her parent’s hometown, with Tracey returning home to New Mexico to edit.  Using the look and style of vintage photos and antique patinas as a jumping off point, the photos almost take on a painted appearance.  Color, black and white, sepia, washes, overlays, dirt, scratches, and textures take over the forefront with the sometimes, overwhelming personal emotional weight of the photo location settling into the safety of the background. The show can be found in the gallery and on Facebook @TraceyTaylorFineArt, with unframed prints available for purchase.  Contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of the framed originals from the exhibition!

Up and Coming….

As the new site expands and grows, check back with us to see more new, current, and past work from Tracey!

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